Sunday, November 18, 2007

Help! A Debt Collector Keeps Calling the Wrong Number.

A debt collector calls you over and over again. You don't bother to answer the phone because you know he or she is not looking for you. But, after many weeks of this, you are annoyed! What can you do?

A debt collector may not harass anyone, even a nondebtor, in an attempt to collect a debt. If a debt collector continues to contact the wrong person, a lawsuit may be filed entitling the person up to $1000.00 for aggravation and annoyance.

A special kind of telephone call can get you even more! Try up to $1500.00 for each call!

These special kinds of telephone calls are known as "artificial or prerecorded" telephone calls. These are calls where a debt collector programs a computer to leave an artificial "computer" message for you thinking you are a different person. The other is a "prerecorded" voice call in which a debt collector records his or her own voice and sends it over and over again to your telephone number.

If you get these calls or these messages KEEP A LOG! You may be very, very pleased you did. Log the caller ID information to include dates, times, names, and numbers displayed. If messages are left SAVE THEM! Again, you may be very, very pleased you did.

What makes artificial and prerecorded voice calls so frustrating is that you can't argue with a computer. That is, you can't tell a computer that you are not the person it is seeking. That is why the law provides harsh penalties to make sure that debt collectors program their computers correctly.

If you receive any kind of repeated telephone calls from a debt collector, whether they are voice calls or messages or artificial or prerecorded calls or messages, take very, very good notes and keep a log. Then contact an experienced consumer rights attorney right away!
If any of your FDCPA rights were violated or if you want to find out if your rights were violated, visit for a free, no obligation case evaluation by one of our experienced consumer rights attorneys. For the overwhelming majority of consumers, there is no out-of-pocket or upfront attorney’s fees or costs to them.


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Very useful article. In my experience, debt collectors bend the truth and the law to try and scare you and pay your debts ASAP. Found a site that gives UK based info about dealing with debt collectors and your rights. Lifesaver for me!! ;) -