Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NJ Mother Sues Nosoma Systems, Inc. d/b/a Capital Collection Service for FDCPA Violations

The Law Office of Dimitrios Kolovos, LLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of a New Jersey woman against Nosoma Systems, Inc. d/b/a Capital Collection Service in the federal court for the District of New Jersey. She seeks damages, attorney's fees, and costs of the litigation for the Defendants' alleged violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The FDCPA, a federal law that regulates the activities of debt collectors, is a very powerful statute that protects consumers from debt collection that is harassing, oppressive, or abusive. The Complaint alleges, among other things, that the Defendants:

1. repeatedly and harassingly telephoned the Plaintiff,
2. revealed private financial information to unauthorized third parities,
3. failed to provide required disclosures in all communications with the Plaintiff,
4. attempted to collect nonexistent debt,
5. stated an incorrect amount of the alleged debt,
6. falsely misrepresented the legal status of Plaintiff's alleged debts,
7. issued false threats,
8. created a false sense of urgency,
9. telephoned the Plaintiff at her place of employment,
10. refused to obey the command from Plaintiff's employer not to call its employees on the business line,
11. caused Plaintiff to fear employee discipline to include termination,
12. threatened to seize Plaintiff's wages, bank accounts, and assets,
13. disrupted Plaintiff's ability to engage in standard banking practices, and
14. contacted the Plaintiff knowing the Plaintiff was represented by an attorney.

Nosoma Systems, Inc. and Capital Collection Service "repeatedly harassed, oppressed, and abused the Plaintiff," said the Plaintiff's attorney, Joseph A. Mullaney, III, while reading the Complaint. The Defendants "engaged in a pattern of activity that violated the FDCPA and caused the Plaintiff great distress and humiliation," Mullaney said basing his opinion on the allegations found in the Complaint. When a debt collector engages in this kind of activity as alleged in her Complaint, consumers "have a duty to come forward and contact an attorney," he said. No consumer would want to see another person go through what the Plaintiff went through. "That's the only way to make them stop is to take them to court," he finished while also adding, "by making debt collectors pay for their violations, other consumers are less likely to be harassed."

Pennsylvania and New Jersey consumers who believe their fair debt collection rights have been violated are invited to visit for a free case evaluation by an experienced consumer rights attorney with the Law Office of Dimitrios Kolovos, LLC. Nothing stated herein may be construed nor is it intended to be legal advice. For legal advice, consult an attorney.

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Anonymous said...

well they are up to their same old tricks, i was taken to aria /torresdale, phila, pa for an er visit and they have started calling me repeatedly for a charge that my insurance co has no record of and from my viewpoint it appears to be tring to defraud people for monies not due them ( outwise known as rip-off ) if it continues i will seek legal assistance in getting them to pay me for harrassment