Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Received a "Claim" from the NAF. Now what?

You just received a “claim” from the National Arbitration Forum (“NAF”) from Minneapolis, Minnesota via certified mail and first class mail. It states that your credit card company (or another creditor) is initiating a “claim” against you for an unpaid bill through a debt collection law firm. Is it real even though it is not from a court? Is sure is!

Your first mistake is not to respond hoping it will go away. It will not. In fact, you may find your assets seized within a few months if you ignore the “claim” and your state permits asset seizure. What to do? Consult with an attorney. Do it very quickly. If you cannot afford an attorney, check out the local legal aid found in your blue pages or on the internet. At the very least file an answer (response) to the “claim.” Pay attention to all subsequent notices.

If any of your rights were violated or if you want to find out if your rights were violated, visit for a free, no obligation case evaluation by one of our experienced consumer rights attorneys. If you have a qualifying case, we will go after the debt collector and turn the tables. For the overwhelming majority of consumers, there is no out-of-pocket attorney’s fees or costs to them. You may be very surprised to find out what a consumer rights attorney can do for you.


The National Arbitration Forum was effectively shut down due to alleged fraudulent activity including the active and deceptive concealing of the fact that it had interests adverse to consumers and in favor of debt collectors. Its alleged fraudulent and deceptive dealings with the public is related to the allegation that the NAF was controlled by the same interests that controlled debt collection law firms that appeared before it-- an egregious and unprecedented conflict of interest and a very black stain on the civil justice system which willingly and callously turned a blind eye toward accusations of the alleged fraud. Themis, or Lady Justice, was finally allowed to wear her blindfold again and take a thumb off her scales when the NAF was shut down.

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